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Sanctuary Resort
Awaits Your return

Tharu Village

Design & Concept

In this Design we try to incorporate the cultural significance of the ”Tharu people”, who live in the surrounding region. After studying their buildings and way of living, this was achieved by using a traditional craftsmanship, available sustainable materials from the surrounding area and the rich textural language to create links with the existing community, so the building belongs to the place. Our aim is to create buildings that are more connected with the village and not to stand out from the “Tharu” community. We scaled down the buildings visually by using linear structures and lighter materials. Also the layout emulates that of a traditional family compound, as a cluster that focuses around a central courtyard. Through the architecture we created a safari ambiance and connection to the wilderness giving the guest the experience of living outdoors and being closer to nature. Finally our concept is to give the “Tharu village” experience through the architecture and merge the buildings with the grass landscape.

inside the resort

Sanctuary resort interior of a room

The Resort

Sanctuary Resort is a luxurious safari resort on the edge of Chitwan National Park. Tucked away from the busy tourist areas of Nepal’s most popular national park, Sanctuary Resort offers incredible peace and tranquillity in its manicured grounds on the banks of the Narayani River. Located in the Amaltari area on the west side of the park, our secluded location creates a magical experience for our guests. Bharatpur Airport is approximately 42 km away and takes around an hour to reach by car.

Sanctuary Resort

Just as Chitwan National Park is a sanctuary for endangered species, Sanctuary Resort is a haven for you. Come to escape the trappings of everyday life, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and get in tune with nature. Revel in our first class service, as our friendly and attentive team ensures you have everything you need. Whether relaxing by the pool or enjoying the fine offerings our international chefs are serving, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a wonderful, memorable stay in our jungle home.
wildlife at Chitwan national park

The Wildlife

Chitwan National Park is on our doorstep ready for you to explore. This world heritage national park is 932 sq km (with an additional 750 sq km of the buffer zone) of jungle nature at its finest. The park is home to over 43 species of mammals including the Bengal tiger, leopard, sloth bear, deer and Nepal’s largest one horn rhinoceros population, as well as 45 species of reptiles and amphibians including mugger crocodiles and gharials. The park also boasts over 500 different bird species (more than in any other protected area of Nepal) to delight the most avid bird watcher.

The Experience

When you arrive at Sanctuary Resort, you can leave all your cares at the door. Our fully inclusive packages offer you everything you need for your stay. Our renowned multi-cuisine kitchen will spoil you with culinary delights. All of our activities are planned to suit your desires. We proudly provide an ecologically sensitive yet naturally immersive jungle experience, complimented by our sophisticated service and the inviting and comfortable ambience of our beautiful resort. All you need to do is relax and enjoy.

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