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Whether you’ve been out adventuring all day or relaxing in the resort, the highlight for many of our guests is the ‘sundowner’ moment. We offer complimentary drinks and snacks served on the riverbank for sunset to allow our guests to fully appreciate the glorious surroundings at that magical hour of sundown.

Into the Wild

Step aboard one of our restored open-top Jeep for a jungle jeep safari unlike any in Nepal. With an experienced driver and expert naturalist to lead the way, explore the mystery and magic of the jungle from the comfort of your seat.

Jungle Safari

Climb aboard our converted open-top Jeep to take the ride of your life on a jeep safari through the park. Our expert guides will take you to scenic jungle spots to see the incredible variety of wildlife present in Chitwan National Park. You will be able to get close to an amazing array of creatures and plant life whilst on a hunt to catch sight of the elusive Bengal tiger. An exhilarating and scenic adventure, the jeep safari is one of the best and safest ways to really see the park as you can cover a lot of ground from the safety and comfort of our vehicles. Our knowledgeable, well-trained team will share their wealth of knowledge about flora, fauna and the history of the park.

Bird Watching

Nepal is home to over 800 species of birds and Chitwan National Park is home to over 500 of them. For avid bird watchers, a day in the park is a day in paradise. Our carefully tailored tours take into account inside park knowledge and recent spottings of where different varieties of birds are nesting. We will take you to a selection of areas and landscapes throughout the park to get a taste of the wide variety of native bird species. There are many viewing towers situated at key points in the jungle, overlooking wetlands, dense jungle, grasslands and waterways. You will be accompanied by our expert bird watchers who have a vast knowledge of Nepal’s bird species, habitat and habits. This is a tour that will delight all who love birds.

Nature Walk

The early bird catches the worm and the early riser catches sight of the birds – and the other jungle creatures. Our nature walk is one of the most rewarding ways of exploring this beautiful national park. On foot, you can really get a sense of the abundant nature that surrounds you, immersed in the local landscapes. This is your great opportunity to see a wide variety of flora and fauna with our expert guides leading the way and ensuring your experience is safe and stimulating. Our popular packages include all of the above activities at Chitwan National Park incorporated into a streamlined experience. We create bespoke experiences for our guests who have specific desires and interests, so at the time of booking please let us know what appeals the most to you. Our goal is to leave you feeling warm with happy memories of an incredible experience in Chitwan National Park and our jungle home The Sanctuary Resort.

Tharu Village Tour

The Sanctuary Resort is nestled in the heart of the Tharu community and the local village is a short walk The Tharu tribe were the only inhabitants of the Chitwan region until the middle of the last century and their culture, domestic habits and rituals are still strongly represented. You can see the traditional architecture and get a sense of village life on this culturally rich and fascinating exploration of the local village life.

Canoe Ride

From The Sanctuary Resort it is just a short walk down to the Narayani River where you will board a traditional, carved, wooden canoe to enjoy breathtaking views of the park from the waterways. These hand rowed boats offer a peaceful yet thrilling ride as you slowly glide down the river passing crocodiles bathing in the water, a wide array of birds and many of the park animals from monkeys and rhinos. This canoe ride is the most tranquil and magical way to experience the wonder of Chitwan National Park.

Tharu Cultural Show

For larger groups we are able to arrange a spectacular Tharu cultural show. Dancers and musicians from the local community perform traditional dance routines, including the popular Tharu stick dance, and folk songs in a flurry of bright, colourful ethnic splendour. We provide light refreshments and soft drinks during the one and a half hour show.
Please Note
Elephant rides – Our ethical policy While elephant safari rides remain available in Chitwan, at The Sanctuary Resort, we do not offer them as part of our package due to our ethical beliefs in the treatment of trained elephants. We support the preservation and care of the local wildlife in Chitwan. If any of our guests are still interested in riding elephants on safari, we can connect you with outside companies that are still providing those services – and tailor your itinerary accordingly. For a more detailed information on our stance
You can check out our Chitwan tour packages to explore the unique culture and wildlife of Chitwan.

Craft your jungle experiences

The Sanctuary Resort is here to help you craft that perfect package for you and your family to experience the Stay here in the Resort.

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The Sanctuary Resort is here to help you craft that perfect package for you and your family to experience the Stay here in the Resort.

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